Casey Weissman

Hi! Welcome to my website!

My name is Casey Weissman. I'm from South Florida, but recently moved to NYC! I'm actively searching employment after graduating with a master's degree in Magazine and Digital Storytelling from New York University in January 2022. I went to Indiana University – Bloomington for undergrad and graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism.

My career goals are simple: have a platform to share my creative vision. My friends call me "the googler" because whenever I want to know something or don't have an answer to a question, I research it until I understand it completely. I want to work in a field and with people who are as eager to experience all the world has to offer including lifestyle, beauty and wellness, relationships, food and restaurants and celebrity entertainment. I am a people person and that is deeply rooted in my career aspirations. I love working with others and collaborating on ideas and projects. I would love to work for a brand that shares in my curiosity for the world and gives me a space to continue learning, growing and interacting with people all over the globe.

Some things you should know about me that really contribute to my character are I have three older brothers that taught me all about speaking up and being confident. I have always loved traveling, photography and cooking (my lava cake is famous). I'm a huge Marvel and Harry Potter nerd and Guy Fieri is my idol (ask me about the time I dressed up as him for an interview).

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  • New York, United States

I am no longer interning at Modern Luxury - please reach out to them for PR and possible story interest!